On 10 July 2016, the Green Madcaps conducted an Orientation programme for the new Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) of St Blaise Church, Amboli. Fr Franklyn had invited us to conduct the programme for his PPC members.

We spent over two weeks putting down ideas to make the programme interesting and relevant for SCC representatives who make up the bulk of the PPC. Themes that would resonate with community representatives and that would help them be effective in building the community were selected and developed. An interesting PowerPoint presentation was also created to help communicate our ideas visually.

On Sunday 10 July, the session started at around 9:15am. Most of the PPC members were on time and after a cup of tea, we began the programme. The Green Madcaps team conducting the programme comprised Avil Fernandes, Candida D’Souza, Denise Pereira, Jiona Monteiro and Suren Abreu.

We conducted games, exercises, and case studies discussed to encourage interaction and invite new ideas. The games had meaning in them which was brought out through focussed reflections; the exercises and case studies helped the Council members reflect individually and collectively on their role and challenges. We ended the session at around 12.15pm after three hours of enjoyable interaction and discussion.

Fr Franklyn and his Council liked and appreciated the session. One of them even mentioned that “we didn’t put them to sleep” which was enough for us to know it was interestingly interactive and not just a boring lecture. Some said that the Green Madcaps always send us home with a message which made us – the Green Madcaps – feel fulfilled, and very happy that our hard work paid off.

Jiona Monteiro
(Jiona Monteiro is a tiny-looking catechist, but a powerful presenter at training programmes. She surprised her ex-teachers recently by conducting a training programme for them!)

Image credits: http://www.stpeterswaldorf.org/parish-pastoral-council-news/