His name is the Hindi word for ‘destiny’….but destiny played a cruel game, when, in the remote village of Asangaon near Mumbai-Nashik highway, he was struck by leprosy.

Leprosy is perfectly curable today, but the stigma associated with it continues. Infected, treated, and now free from disease, the scars of leprosy not only affects him emotionally, and physically, but economically. Yet, he had hope. The sisters at Mukta Jeevan Ashram nearby gave him shelter when his family deserted him. Unable to work as he did before, the sisters trained him with a skill that helped him gain confidence in his abilities.

Today, the man is a skilled tailor, with a special talent in making bags. The sisters have counselled him and, as a pilot-project, tried to rehabilitate him back in his village, hoping there will be greater acceptance than before.

The Green Madcaps are helping in this venture by procuring a sewing machine for him, which will help him become self-sufficient, and hopefully, an inspiration to others. His determination already inspires us.

If you would like to support him, please help us find a good second-hand or new sewing machine with a motor that can be controlled by the left foot (his right leg is too damaged to be of much use for a foot-pedal of a manual machine). If you would like to support us financially, please contact the Green Madcaps (see details on our Contact Page) or contact Mukta Jeevan Ashram. If you can support him through your company’s CSR projects, kindly write to us so we can help you speak with the persons concerned with the paperwork associated with their Trust.

  • Rachael Alphonso
    Green Madcaps

    (Rachael had completed a course in Entrepreneurship in Textile Crafts and wants to use that knowledge in helping the underprivileged to become financially independent)