Seriously! It costs you nothing! Just say yes…and you save multiple lives, without paying money, or giving of your time and energy. That’s just one amazing part about Organ Donation. 

No…it does not mean you have to give your organs while you’re still alive!

Being an Organ Donor actually means you’ve signed an Organ Donor Card (which looks something like the image below), and you’ve decided that after your death (so you don’t feel a thing!), your organs can be used for people whose organs have failed due to disease, accident or due to birth defects.

Some of us Green Madcaps have had experience working in hospitals…and we’ve seen the difference an organ transplant has made to patients. A person who was completely dependent on a machine/machines to keep them alive, can now move by themselves, work, play, study…with no restrictions!

It’s not just the recipient of the organ who benefits. Many relatives of organ donors (some of them are little children who have died suddenly) find a sense of peace knowing that their loved one continues to live on, in the body of another person. The sense of satisfaction knowing that their loved one’s death was not in vain…

Green Madcaps is currently working in association with Shatayu and volunteered with Times of India, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, various churches and a few corporates at their ‘Joy of Giving Week’ in our attempts to promote this wonderful act of Giving Life after Death. The response was heartening. When we spoke at Marico and Kaya Skin, we realised that people had heard about organ donation and transplants, and many had also heard of crimes related to it, and were mostly afraid to sign up. We presented the laws, the safe methods, the benefits, the possibilities with Pledging to be Organ Donors and will continue to do so, for each of us who has lost someone knows the what life is worth! So, recycle yourself – become an Organ Donor.

Do you have questions? Post them below, and we will answer them.

– Rachael

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